Snickerdoodle Salted Caramel Dairy-Free Organic Ice Cream Sandwiches
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Snickerdoodle Salted Caramel Dairy-Free Organic Ice Cream Sandwiches - Dozen 12


Nickname: "Seaside Swirlwich"

Vegan | Dairy-Free | Organic 

The Ice-Cream: Our non-dairy ice cream is a masterpiece in itself. We start with the creamy perfection of organic coconut milk and the refreshing notes of organic coconut water, creating a blissful base that will transport your taste buds to paradise. To achieve the ideal texture and sweetness, we add organic guar gum and a touch of organic agave, ensuring a velvety-smooth ice cream experience. Enhanced with the finest organic coconut cream, our creation becomes a creamy dream, with each bite.

The Cookie: Our gluten-free flour blend, consisting of tapioca, brown rice, and potato flours, forms the foundation of our snickerdoodle cookies. Blending harmoniously with organic sugar and organic vanilla extract, these cookies deliver a soft and chewy texture that is perfectly complemented by a hint of cinnamon.

The Topping: We've drizzled our Snickerdoodle cookies with velvety salted caramel. Handcrafted with care, this organic caramel adds a tantalizing touch of sweetness and a hint of sea saltAnd for the final touch, we've sprinkled organic chocolate throughout, adding a luxurious chocolatey note that harmonizes with the overall experience.

The Scoop: This decadent treat combines the comforting warmth of snickerdoodle cookies with the heavenly richness of salted caramel and non-dairy ingredients, delivering an experience that is both indulgent and delightful.